Saturday, October 13, 2012


This year's Thanksgiving was split into a couple of different events... Sunday morning my sister and James hosted the family for a delicious brunch, and then later that night Troy and I were lucky enough to be invited to Shawn and Kristen's apartment for a 'Friends Thanksgiving'... Kristen and another one of her girlfriends cooked us an amazing meal- it was SO GOOD! 

This year it was easy to find things to be thankful for: Char and James living only 1 floor up from us, the little space heater that keeps our apartment oh so cozy, Coo Coo Coffee, My Mom and Late,  June Bug's desserts that she creates for every special occasion, Yoga with Lauren, New York and Mexico,  TV marathons with Troy, my new text-pal Jenn, and so many other amazing things and opportunities that are always just available to me...  Here are some pictures of more things I am thankful for: 

Cereal: I LOVE cereal 

Getting to see Troy dressed up in his suit- xoxo

June's craziness... I mean, who has this as an iPhone cover?!

...Which is why I am thankful for Michelle- her and Ashley are so alike it's amazing! 
New experiences- this was my 1st White Caps game! 

Seeing Pete and Shann 2 days before babe was born. 

Baby Girl Ashley... ahhhhhdorable!

Popchips... but mostly because they make Troy so happy :)

Celebrating Fatherhood with Big O. 

Juicing. Love juicing.

My sister's creativity and sense of style... 

Time together 

Having someone to make juice for. 

Jody- what a girl!! 

A crazy Thanksgiving 

Tripod Pictures 

My new shirt from Momma.

New Friends 

Troy- never letting me down #aspilleverytime

Manis and Pedis... in that order.