Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Today Matters"

I have these words taped to my computer. It is my daily mantra that reminds me to live in this moment and use this day to the best of my ability.

So often we put things off- exercise, spending time with friends, complimenting a loved one, even being in a good mood- we think "Tomorrow I will start that".

Today is all we have. And it matters.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yoga teaches me

To find stillness and peace when my body is shaking and my mind is rattled; to listen to my body and try and forget my mind; to think positively; to remember that falling out of a posture is not the end of the world; to not take myself so serioulsy; to breathe; to be aware; to push myself; to forgive myself; to enjoy that moment; to remember "it's just yoga".

Friday, May 21, 2010

On being thankful...

Watched this incredible video on Youtube today: Jessica's Affirmations

In a nutshell this maybe 3 year old girl, while standing on the bathroom counter and looking in the mirror, shouts out about all the things she likes: "I like my Dad, I like my Cousins, I like my Mom, I like my hair, I like my house!" Pointing her tiny finger at her reflection she goes on to praise herself "I can do anything good! I can do anything great!"
Makes me realize how easy it is to be thankful and how it really is all these little things we have in life that makes it special. And also a reminder to give myself more credit for all the things I do really well too.

Top 5 things I am thankful for today:
1- Made it to class on time despite waking up 15 minutes before it started- eek!
2- The ride I got home from the gym (thanks L)
3- The call from Mom this morning- she is always thinking about me.
4- The power nap I was able to have on my lunch break
5- The sun coming out in time for our outdoor run tonight