Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Deliciously Obsessed

Last Saturday I did some major organization in the apartment... while Troy lay sick in bed with a combination of too many Friday night shots/the flu and a touch of scarlet fever, I was pounding back Americanos and googling things like, "purse storage ideas".
Lucky I did, because in the process I stumbled across my new favourite blog (big statement)... It is called Deliciously Organized and it had me at 'hello'.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!

Mom's actual birthday was last weekend and while I would never say her age on here, I do have to say that my Mom DEFINITELY doesn't look another year older. My sister and I can only hope to have the same beautiful skin as her when we are older...

It's funny to look at the pictures of her as a young girl and think that this is the same person who drops everything for her girls when she is needed- drives anywhere in the middle of the night if we call, and talks both of us off the ledge if we are having a down moment. When I made plans to come over last Saturday night I asked Mom what she would like to do for her birthday (go for a mani/pedi... etc)... Her response was she wanted to tuck me into bed, make me breakfast in the morning and 'baby' me for the night.
I mean... I have the best Mom in the WORLD!
Unfortunately I couldn't make the pictures any larger without ruining the integrity of the images... Mom is on the left hand side in each one. Look at those legs! Gorgeous.

Love you Mo!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Life Lately

The past few months have a been a whirlwind... Working, training for Ironman, spending time with friends, experimenting in the kitchen, opening good bottles of wine, celebrating birthdays, re-decorating the apartment, and meeting Hanson... to name a few ;)
Here is the recap via iPhone.

new year's eve at the b&b... just me, troy and a bottle of red from napa.
January 1 2012 walk around the seawall
celebratory champagne in west van... our reward for a successful morning of wedding dress shopping for cal!
troy on the spinner... making calls and training at the same time. impressive.
hockey game with dennis and kathy
tina's gift to me for my birthday: tickets to the hanson concert. please don't judge me.
meeting taylor hanson! highlight of my life. again please don't judge...
gift from my current intake class... makes me love going to work
troy and mike.
relazing afternoon at coo coo with troy... another highlight.