Sunday, November 18, 2012

Last Day in NYC...

Run around the "seawall"... not as beautiful as Vancouver, but a great day for run in any case. 

A visit to the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA)

Down at 30 Rockefeller Election fever was in the air... 

Troy #shouldhavebeenapapparazzi

Final meal in Meatpacking District... Dougy ordered the Lobster thermidore... WOW!  

NY Giants

I want to start by saying how unnatural it is for me to write about football, but in fitting with the theme of sticking out like a sore thumb, I am just going to go with it.
On our second to last day in NY, Troy, Jon, Doug and I ventured from Manhattan to Jersey to watch the NY Giants play the Pittsburgh Steelers... the tailgating was OUT OF CONTROL as you can see from the below picture. It was a sea of blue, red and Denver Hayes... I rolled in wearing a leopard print sweater and grey skinny jeans...  the only red thing I had on me was my Starbucks cup. Awkward. 
We were getting some serious stares from the locals who had all the comforts of home in their designated parking space- beer, sausages, propane tanks, chips, chairs, music.. so major, and so quickly bought some toques from a vendor in order to be a little more discreet. 

By the end of the game I went with the full Monty of Giants gear in order to fend off the minus 50 wind chill that I was feeling as we sat and watched the Steelers win the game. It was a crazy day and pretty neat to see New Yorkers screaming and fighting (literally) for their beloved Giants. 

Below is the progression of my outfits... 

Tailgating... you really have to see it to believe it
#tourists... I think Troy actually said to me, "You have to get rid of that cup!" 
Giants toques: check! 

Down on the field watching the Steelers warm up- this was really neat!

National Anthem was sung by Megan Hilty from one of my shows, Smash  

Got the blanket and jacket... still cold. 

Enter gloves! 

And then just straight up cuddling with Doug to keep warm... what a day! 

New York Nights...

Our next few days/nights in New York consisted of lots of walking around the city, eating amazing food, mingling with the rich and famous (see Jonah Hill, Emma Watson and Liam Neeson) and dancing it up at any spot we could find. It was definitely neat to travel with some people that I otherwise wouldn't have gotten a chance to know... so fun! 
Jon Bula choosing our wine #nosurprisethere
Dinner with the Daltons at Benjamin's Steak House 
Handsome Troy getting into the steak and wine 
Me and Ricci
These glasses really made the rounds this night... 
We are killing it! 
Alison- yes!!
Me,  Jamie and Megan- 3 Members of the Wolf-Pack!
What a couple! 
Dream Lounge server- VIP Table- who's askin?!

Jon and Troy with Dave- NY was his 50th birthday birthday present to himself
Darren and Dave
Megs and Troy

Official NYPD grabbing a midnight (or 3am snack) at the local convenience store. 

New York Day 1

Hurricane Sandy really put a wrench in our plans to run the NY City Marathon this year... however, given that many people were without power and water for a number of days, as well as dealing with destroyed homes, neighbourhoods and injured loved ones, all of us from the GWA "wolf-pack" completely understood why it was cancelled. 
The sentiment of the trip changed slightly without that 42.2 km lurking in front of us, and the whole group had a fantastic time! It was especially nice hanging out with Troy's parents for a few days- those 2 really lit New York up! 

On our first night Troy, Doug, Ricci and I went to an amazing italian restaurant. Fabio the chef took one look at each of us and proceeded to decide our meal for us- it was really yummy! 

Fabio- what a guy! 

Doug and Ricci with their morning juice... I might have forced this first one, but they were both all over the juicing by the end of the trip. 

First time seeing Times Square

View of the Empire State building from 30 Rockefeller Plaza

Top of the Rock!