Sunday, November 18, 2012

New York Nights...

Our next few days/nights in New York consisted of lots of walking around the city, eating amazing food, mingling with the rich and famous (see Jonah Hill, Emma Watson and Liam Neeson) and dancing it up at any spot we could find. It was definitely neat to travel with some people that I otherwise wouldn't have gotten a chance to know... so fun! 
Jon Bula choosing our wine #nosurprisethere
Dinner with the Daltons at Benjamin's Steak House 
Handsome Troy getting into the steak and wine 
Me and Ricci
These glasses really made the rounds this night... 
We are killing it! 
Alison- yes!!
Me,  Jamie and Megan- 3 Members of the Wolf-Pack!
What a couple! 
Dream Lounge server- VIP Table- who's askin?!

Jon and Troy with Dave- NY was his 50th birthday birthday present to himself
Darren and Dave
Megs and Troy

Official NYPD grabbing a midnight (or 3am snack) at the local convenience store. 

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