Thursday, July 25, 2013

6 Month Countdown...

Remember this post??
I have some serious work to do with only 6 months left!

30 BEFORE 30
1.Give $20 to the barista at Starbucks and cover drinks for strangers

2.Mail 10 random cards to loved ones…

3.Volunteer in the downtown Eastside

4.Go an entire day without looking at my iphone

5.Host a wine and cheese

6. Drink a glass of scotch while playing cards

7.Bake a cake

8.Take my Mom for dinner and pay (embarrassed that this never happens!)

9. Read: “Spirit Junkie” and “How to Win Friends and Influence People”

10.Outline a book idea and share it with someone

11. Learn more about chakras

12.Develop a meditation practice

13.Bake something for a friend

14.Join Oprah’s Online Book club

15.Drink a really nice glass of wine

16.Have my family over for dinner

17.Babysit Ashley/Kaleb… and any other babies in my life

18.Go for acupuncture

19.Eliminate dairy from my diet… cheese is just hanging on!

20.Start taking Zinc and Iron supplements everyday (this was a bad goal and unnecessary... it eliminated itself when too much Iron sent me to the ER. Lol )

21.Girls night out with the Dalton sisters and Pecknold sisters

22.Karaoke with Char and James

23.Overnight Hike with Troy (just 1 night)

24. Comment on the blogs I read every day

25.More random acts of kindness… compliments, coffee, take friends for lunch etc

26.Say “No” to things I really don’t want to do ( I think I probably always did this...)

27.Sleep in without feeling guilty

28.See Cairo and Lux

29.Treat myself to a really expensive facial

30.Watch Anchorman

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Today. Everyday.

I hope you rediscover what you love about yourself today. I hope you close your eyes and breathe and every inhale feels like coming home. And, I hope that all your challenges today are not enough to bring you down because at your core you know that who you are in that moment, in every moment, is more than enough. I hope that today is not just about getting by and that it is about living, really living, and reveling in your own strength.I hope you are kind to yourself today. I hope today, at least, you are the person you love the most.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Our Engagement Party xoxoxox

I have two pretty amazing sisters. 

I mean... Sometimes I can be a little annoying to deal with and when Charlotte first mentioned an engagement party I was definitely squirmy. Something about all that focus on me...  and Troy... and our relationship... it just felt really strange. 

Luckily both Ash and Char didn't let me off the hook and wow, am I grateful for it... because this little 'do' was one helllll of a party! 

Char- you and James are amazing. The house, the food, the copious amount of cheese, sparkling and wine!!! Really, you nailed it. Simple and elegant and such incredible hosts. All of our friends were beyond impressed. I love you both. Thank you. 

June Bug- You blew everyone away with your baking. Like are you kidding me? The rings in the cupcakes?!? Totally out of control. I have never seen Troy eat more desserts then when they come from your hot little kitchen! #diabeticcoma 
I appreciate the time and energy you put into all of that Bug. I love you. Thank you.


Friends... Mom, Late, Lee and Jodes :)
Thank you all for coming... Troy and I love all of you and appreciate you being there to share in our engagement. Can't wait to see you all in Maui!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

In this moment

-Relaxation means that this moment is more than enough, more than can be asked for and more than can be expected-

Friday, July 12, 2013

July 7th Fondo

How is this for fate... as I sit down to write this post I put on a random playlist via 8Tracks and the first song is Justin Timberlake.... the man of the weekend and the soundtrack to Penticton Gran Fondo 2013. Me, Jody, Shayne, Christa, Kim and Kate had sooooo much fun. 
Riding, tasting, lounging, swimming, cooking, eating, drinking, wining, 'cribbing', napping and laughing... #lotsoflaughing 
Thanks for the great weekend girlies. xoxox meow.

Pre-Race Dinner 

How many girls does it take to light a BBQ? 

This is still happening. 

Post Race Drinks at the Cambo! 

This is what I meant by "cribbing" 

Russ- "Capturing the moment"  

2nd across the line and no podium so Tutti got a kiss on the cheek instead.  
LOVE these pictures! 


So tired. 
Caleb AKA Fatso 


This picture epitomizes our state at this point. Tipsy.  

 For details of the race: Fitness Junkie