Friday, July 19, 2013

Our Engagement Party xoxoxox

I have two pretty amazing sisters. 

I mean... Sometimes I can be a little annoying to deal with and when Charlotte first mentioned an engagement party I was definitely squirmy. Something about all that focus on me...  and Troy... and our relationship... it just felt really strange. 

Luckily both Ash and Char didn't let me off the hook and wow, am I grateful for it... because this little 'do' was one helllll of a party! 

Char- you and James are amazing. The house, the food, the copious amount of cheese, sparkling and wine!!! Really, you nailed it. Simple and elegant and such incredible hosts. All of our friends were beyond impressed. I love you both. Thank you. 

June Bug- You blew everyone away with your baking. Like are you kidding me? The rings in the cupcakes?!? Totally out of control. I have never seen Troy eat more desserts then when they come from your hot little kitchen! #diabeticcoma 
I appreciate the time and energy you put into all of that Bug. I love you. Thank you.


Friends... Mom, Late, Lee and Jodes :)
Thank you all for coming... Troy and I love all of you and appreciate you being there to share in our engagement. Can't wait to see you all in Maui!

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