Friday, July 12, 2013

July 7th Fondo

How is this for fate... as I sit down to write this post I put on a random playlist via 8Tracks and the first song is Justin Timberlake.... the man of the weekend and the soundtrack to Penticton Gran Fondo 2013. Me, Jody, Shayne, Christa, Kim and Kate had sooooo much fun. 
Riding, tasting, lounging, swimming, cooking, eating, drinking, wining, 'cribbing', napping and laughing... #lotsoflaughing 
Thanks for the great weekend girlies. xoxox meow.

Pre-Race Dinner 

How many girls does it take to light a BBQ? 

This is still happening. 

Post Race Drinks at the Cambo! 

This is what I meant by "cribbing" 

Russ- "Capturing the moment"  

2nd across the line and no podium so Tutti got a kiss on the cheek instead.  
LOVE these pictures! 


So tired. 
Caleb AKA Fatso 


This picture epitomizes our state at this point. Tipsy.  

 For details of the race: Fitness Junkie 

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