Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

2012 was a great year... my sister got married, some of my most amazing friends had some beautiful babies (Sophie, Mia, Rosie and Ashley), I completed my first Ironman, started a new job at CIBC, attended Callie and Mike's all inclusive Mexico wedding, and tried to run the NY Marathon. 

This past year has truly been focused on "what's next"... The next training day, the next race, the next long ride, the next job, the next trimester... 

2013 is the year of 'now'... Seizing the minute, the day, the weekend, the month. 

It's all about efficiency and making the most of my time while I have the time. 
But the idea of 'now' is to also know when to take the time out. Be still. Be alone. 
'Now' does not mean frantically searching for anything... it means being present and content where I am. 


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Christmas always makes me feel so safe, cozy and warm...  Not only because at home I crank the heat up in our little apartment, or see the lights of the city on my walk home from work and just feel such happiness, but mostly because of the way I feel on my drive out to Langley... 

 Maybe it's because over the holidays I am at home in the house I grew up in.. I have my sisters and brother sleeping in the rooms beside me...  and I have my Mom and Late cooking breakfast and drinking coffee in the kitchen. 

It's nice to just be with my family at Christmas. 
This year was another amazing one. 
I am so thankful. 

...the many parties of Christmas

As we all know, Christmas is the time of year where you don't have to feel bad about going out nearly every night of the week... Aside from work parties and Christmas coffee dates, Troy and I made the rounds of Vancouver with a couple of Harling Pours with Pete and friends, some yule-tide Patron at Greg and Mon's party, and nothing but the best merlot at Jon and Laura's open house. 

Peter and Elias 
Elias and Troy
Troy and Jumbo! 


Matt and Shaina 

Ashley and Alsy 
Hostess and Moi

Troy and Greg cuddling in the corner #howcute 
Me and Shaina

Troy at the end of the night...

"Throw this on the internet for the fans" 
The Kilians at Fable for Brunch 

Laura, Pam and Perry Bula 



Jon and Julie

Pam and Ben
Me and Ricci 

Christmas Craft Day

This year the Higgs/Pecknolds/Daltons kicked off Christmas with an epic craft and baking day... from 12pm-8pm we drank mulled wine, rolled ginger dough, iced and decorated cookies, created some amazing Hello Kitty snow globes and ate wayyyyy too much cheese. It was a great day ladies- looking forward to making it our annual tradition!