Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

2012 was a great year... my sister got married, some of my most amazing friends had some beautiful babies (Sophie, Mia, Rosie and Ashley), I completed my first Ironman, started a new job at CIBC, attended Callie and Mike's all inclusive Mexico wedding, and tried to run the NY Marathon. 

This past year has truly been focused on "what's next"... The next training day, the next race, the next long ride, the next job, the next trimester... 

2013 is the year of 'now'... Seizing the minute, the day, the weekend, the month. 

It's all about efficiency and making the most of my time while I have the time. 
But the idea of 'now' is to also know when to take the time out. Be still. Be alone. 
'Now' does not mean frantically searching for anything... it means being present and content where I am. 


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