Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!

Mom's actual birthday was last weekend and while I would never say her age on here, I do have to say that my Mom DEFINITELY doesn't look another year older. My sister and I can only hope to have the same beautiful skin as her when we are older...

It's funny to look at the pictures of her as a young girl and think that this is the same person who drops everything for her girls when she is needed- drives anywhere in the middle of the night if we call, and talks both of us off the ledge if we are having a down moment. When I made plans to come over last Saturday night I asked Mom what she would like to do for her birthday (go for a mani/pedi... etc)... Her response was she wanted to tuck me into bed, make me breakfast in the morning and 'baby' me for the night.
I mean... I have the best Mom in the WORLD!
Unfortunately I couldn't make the pictures any larger without ruining the integrity of the images... Mom is on the left hand side in each one. Look at those legs! Gorgeous.

Love you Mo!

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