Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lessons from the bank:

****This is my goodbye note to people at work... love them****

To YOU!!!!
My lovely CSRs... My Co-Workers...My family at work... My friends.

So impossible for me to really let you all know how much I will miss you all as I embark on this new chapter in my life. I have worked with many of you since I started at Commerce Place 3 years ago, and I have to say that in this role, in this branch and with YOU people I have learned so much not only about banking, but also about myself.

It is crazy for me to think about all the things that have gone on in my life since starting here and how everything has transpired to lead me to this moment.
But here I am. And honestly, you guys have been beside me the whole way along. I appreciate all the support and love you give to me on a daily basis- working with each of you has taught me so much. It really hasn't been until now that I have taken a moment to think about all that I have gained through being here...

Here I have learned how to follow through. How to speak to people. How to make a bad situation good and how to be confident in the words I speak. I have learned how to pay attention to detail. How to rise above confrontation. How to support my peers, and how to let my peers support me.
I have learned that it is ok to say "no". That it is ok to be a strong and assertive woman. And that it is ok to be unapologetic when standing up for the things I believe in. But I have also learned that bending the rules is always possible. And saying "yes" feels good. I have learned that softening your approach to anything will 99% of the time make your life easier and more positive.

I have seen the benefit in believing that people are good, and that all any of us really want is to be heard. So simple.
I guess my wish for you is to see the quality you all bring to this place we call "work"... and know that the "showing up"- the getting here, the signing on to your computer every morning and taking that first customer. That, my friends, is half the battle. Once you are here you might as well be great. Use your day to be productive- Show up physically. Show up mentally. Show up energetically.
You are all incredible people and co-workers and friends. I am lucky to have spent time with each of you, and believe me when I say you have all taught me something intensely valuable about myself.
I miss you already Brett, Nav, Carrie, Amanda, Teresa, Jenny, Gary, Kira, Ximena, Nita, Sepi, Janet, Joan, Justin, Leona, Robert, Frida, Amandeep, Tracey, Pam, Marta, Jinous, Krista and everyone else... Much love and success in your future.


  1. That was a great shout out to your colleagues Kate as well as an acknowledgement of the learnings you have received during your time at the branch. All of those learnings will be used many times in your future career and in your personal life and, like me, you will always be appreciative of the years spent at the Bank. Smart girl to have recognized the value of that experience so quickly. M.

  2. Kate...good luck to you on this adventure. Thank you for creating a way for us to keep connected to you. You are amazing and will be missed by all at work. We love you and are sending good thoughts your way.