Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Remembering Maui

If there is one thing I know I have in common with my girls from the Maui Yoga Retreat it is that we LOVE our pictures... I often find myself creeping through my own on Facebook just to relive that time of pure amazingness...

Here are a few that make me particularly happy:

We took these pictures on some of the girls' last night... it was around 3:00 and so beautiful down at Kaanapali Beach

This was a 6am practice at a park in Lahaina... we rode our bikes there and back, and what was supposed to be a zen morning turned into a battle against the HUGE black flies that swarmed us the entire time. We were definitely NOT in the zone.

Boat trip to Molokini Crater... Lauren's hair always cracks me up...

Actually Lauren in general is constantly making me laugh... I really like this picture


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