Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Life of Kate & Troy

I really need to start taking a real camera out to capture our nights a little better... Luckily the two iPhones in our family manage to document quite a lot of our shenanigans!
Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks:

Night at the Mackie's where my skills as Vancouver's Official Matchmaker were put to the test once again! See the man in the blue shirt= latest "catch"!

Weighing Troy.
With the sunglasses left on he came in at a cool 158lbs.
Triathlete's bod :)

Last Friday night was our friend Kristi's 30th Birthday... Her boyfriend organized a BBQ at the beach- A perfect way to end the week.

Late into the evening I'm attempting to crawl inside Alsy's pant leg....

And Troy makes idle chat with Chip (wearing no pants)...

Callie and Mike had us over for dinner at their new house last Tuesday night.
5 bottles of wine later....
Troy makes a fruit fly trap.

View from the Penthouse!
BBQ at Pete and Shannon's rooftop apartment after Canada Day 1/2 Ironman!

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  1. Good idea about the camera. Once that moment is captured, you will always be able to go back again and remember those great times.

    Who were you making the match for? Random in a blue shirt.