Thursday, January 24, 2013

Addie Pecknold Sept. 12 1920- Jan. 23 2013

Last week my Nana, Addie Pecknold, passed away in the hospital after 92 years in the world. 
Although we lived on opposite sides of the country, my Nana was someone both my sister and I had a great connection with. She was always game to sit and chat, had an opinion on most subjects, took pride in her work as a school teacher,  and was deeply in love with my Bumpa, Adrian Pecknold- who died in 1992. 

I miss them both immensely when I look at old pictures of them acting together and see the incredible talent and relationship they had. When Charlotte and I were out for the funeral last weekend, we stayed two nights with my Uncle Don and his wife Lynn- basically the nicest people on the planet... The visit felt so comfortable and easy, even though it has been way too long since we were last there. 
It was also so great to reconnect with our amazing cousins- Jessica and Dana, and their families, Brian, Warren, Bailey, Jack, Abby and Sam.  
We were so lucky to have these people to lean on during such a sad time. 

After a couple of nights in Ajax, Charlotte and I spent a whirlwind day/night in Toronto- we even stayed at a hotel called the Thompson, which is my Nana's maiden name. Coincidence? 
It was a great weekend- tiring and emotional, but exactly what we all needed. 
The last photo in this post shows a picture of Nana's obituary, and beside Addie Pecknold is another man who bears a striking resemblance to my Bumpa. I really feel it is both of them letting us all know that they are together again. Nana and Bumpa, we love you!  I am sure the two of you are having a great laugh together somewhere. 

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