Saturday, September 21, 2013

New York Snaps!

NYC was a whirlwind adventure that seriously went non-stop from the time we landed to the time we left. Here's the recap!

 Glass of wine at Milestones YVR and hop on the red eye to NY!

Arrive in Manhattan, drop our bags and head out to see the sights! First stop, The Museum of Natural History!

Walk around the city sort of aimlessly.

 Eat lunch and then hit the point where we need to have a nap... (see picture of Troy eating soup. Clearly over it. Night night)

 Post nap- hit up the Fig and Olive in the meatpacking district and then head to Broadway to see the amazing musical Mathilda... spend $40 on a Kit Kat, 1 beer and a glass of wine #NewYorkRookies

Take a tuk tuk to the W Hotel for a drink and then return to the Meatpacking for a night cap and snack

This is not a happy face... :) 

Dennis and Kathy arrive... we move from the ghetto to Le Parker Meridian and go for a serious shop in Soho complete with lunch at Balthazar

Quick workout in the hotel gym and drink in the lobby before making our way out to Flushing
Meadows for the US OPEN!

 Watch Federer crush his opponent... head home and pass out 

Wake up and workout... Troy is so excited to be going to tennis he has a throw up... or maybe he just ate something ;) ... either way, we are back on the bus en route to the Day Session of the US Open. 

Our seats. I mean... we were really up there and in it! Watched Serena play Sloane Stephens,  Nestor and Pospisil play the Bryan brothers, and Andy Murray play... somebody. 

Even more amazing, saw Anna Wintour ... pics below. 

Dinner at Lupa in Greenwich Village  

Wander around the city and take pics in the LOVE sculpture 

Where's Anna? Green dress with sweater over the shoulders and oversize shades.

AMAZING spin class at Soul Cycle on the West Side!

Brunch and celebrity sighting: Tina Fey

Take the subway out to the Bronx for a Yankees game... we only saw 1 inning before it got rained out...

Back to Soho for massages and a mani/pedi

NY pizza and salad for dinner

Feel deep sense of FOMO as we leave the New York nightlife for the airport...

Last glass of wine and a snack at the airport and home. 

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