Friday, August 13, 2010

Road trip the Looooops!

Every summer my high school girlfriends and I plan a weekend trip as a way to reconnect since we do not get to see each other much throughout the year. I feel extremely lucky to have four friends who I have known forever and stayed close to despite our paths veering in different directions... Everything about being back as “The Five” feels comfortable- we always manage to pick up right where we left off- no drama (ever) and soooo much laughter!
This year felt the same as we piled into Carly’s Yukon and drove the 3 hours to Kamloops. We heard the same demands from Tina for Starbucks, and the same music blasting through the speakers… the same except for Kelly has a one year old son, and Carly is a month away from giving birth to little SJ.
I guess things have changed a little. Our trips have gone from late nights in Penticton at the Barking Parrott and long days on Okanagan Lake, to icing cupcakes and taking turns cuddling with baby Cairo. He turned 1 a couple of days ago: the reason for our trip.
It was great being a part of his first birthday, and more than anything I was so amazed with Kelly being such a natural parent… Kelly has always been the laid back and calm one of the group, and not only has this totally translated into her style as a mom, but also to her baby- he is the most docile little pumpkin EVER.
Carly got parenting practice on Saturday night when the 4 of us went out and she stayed home only to be woken up by our antics late into the night… She was lucky though as it spared her from listening to Kel, Bre, Tina and myself karaoke to “Somebody to Love” by Queen. To say we were awful would be too nice. Good thing the bar we were at had ZERO standards. Another classic birthday for Bre... Happy Birthday Breeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The following morning was spent eating a big breakfast at Hello Toast and making our way home… Girls, thanks for the wonderful weekend…. Love you more than Tina loves 5 cent candies.

Helllllo Toast

Carly's Pregnant belly

Cai looooves to eat. He swooped in on this guy's lunch.

And then was presented with a giant cupcake!

love :)
At Earls before we threw our dignity out the window....

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