Monday, May 16, 2011

Central Park

Bre and I managed to check out Central Park from all angles: 1) On a guided tour by a rather shady bike driver. 2) Running the small loop (about 4 km), and 3) On our own bikes around the whole park (13ish km)...

All three ways were awesome and allowed us to take in different aspects of the park... Here are some pics from our first tour.

View from opposite side of the lake... we were lucky the weather in NY was so nice while we were there.
Famous walkway in the middle of the park. We were here quite early in the morning which is why it wasn't too busy- Later in the day it was definitely bustling...
Photo shoot

Fountain across from the Boat House Restaurant.
Strawberry Fields... Memorial to John Lennon.
The fountain featured in the beginning of "Friends"... our tour man made us do something "crazy"... this was about all I could muster.

Love it.

This was another photo suggestion from our tuk-tuk driver...

John and Yoko's place across from the park...

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