Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Life Through the iPhone

A collection of pictures/my life over the last couple of months as told through my iPhone4...

Troy and me enjoying a glass of wine with friends at Cactus Club

Me and Lauren at Bon Jovi!

Vancouver Aquatic Center... Not my favourite place to be, but triathlon training actually requires you to learn how to swim.

The Cross: A store across the street from our apartment that lures me in with "Balance your Chakra" stones @ $4 and $100 candles... I have yet to buy either.

View on a cloudy day of Troy getting his coffee at Coo Coo... this is my paparazzi shot from the office window.

Trevor's niece watching her soon-to be Aunty Lauren try on her wedding dress. So cute.

Jeff's surprise birthday dinner at the Eatery in Kits... Here with his girlfriend Mel.

A night at Goldfish in Yaletown...
Notice the disparity in clientele: Young, pretty girl meets man in a long sleeved t-shirt with lights on his glasses... He got them from Mark's Work Warehouse. Perfect.

Canucks vs. Blackhawks... Game 7 at Earls with a stressed out Kira and excited Megan.

Last Saturday-lunch, turned drinks, turned dinner and a sleepover with Jody.
Nice track suit.

View from our apartment... these cherry blossoms are even bigger today and seem to have come out of nowhere! Love it.

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