Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Charlotte's Pre-Bday Bash

Luckily I don't have tooooo many pictures of Char's early bday b/c when you mix Soju with beer (literally), things tend to go awry. Here are couple of shots from our night of Korean BBQ and Karaoke. 

Almost wore this outfit... but changed at the last minute. Thank goodness I did. Korean BBQ is no place for bare skin.  
Higgy and Gareth 
The lighting was #notgood #toobright 
Gorgeous girls... We love LB! 
Korean BBQ in action. It was my first time :)  
This is what I mean by awry... Char biting Troy's arm for no apparent reason. #herewego 

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  1. WE DO NOT BITE!!!!! WHAT!! The Ironman. You can't hurt steel.