Wednesday, July 28, 2010

100 Hours of Yoga

Bre, Becks and Candice

Advanced posture...

Vancouver from Railtown Rooftop

Yesterday we finished our last night of yoga training in Vancouver.
We practiced an intense twisting series on the rooftop of a building in Railtown, and while I am usually game for anything, just wasn't into it. Normally I feel fired up and energized after class, but for whatever reason this series made me feel anxious and kind of annoyed. My reaction could be due to whatever emotional or physical baggage I brought to my mat that day, or the more "yogi" explanation, that while twists are generally invigorating, they are also detoxifying, both physically and emotionally. As you twist through your spine, constrict certain internal organs and cut off blood flow, the action literally 'squeezes' or 'wrings out' feelings that may be trapped in your body, or simply stimulate your digestive and lymphatic system.
So my negative response to the practice was normal I suppose- it just wasn't my day.
That said, today I feel great, which may be why twisting postures also signify a balanced outlook on life and the ability to see both sides of the situation... I guess I am on right on track.
The second wave of our Yoga adventure begins September 19th in Maui, Hawaii. We are, of course, all STOKEDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will keep you posted.

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