Sunday, July 11, 2010

What 120km Feels Like

When Rebecca asked me to bike from Burnaby to Harrison with her Dad's Rotary Club I didn't really know what to expect... But after 5 hours and 120km of back-country highway, bumpy gravel road, rolling hills, and shorts without a padded bum, you can imagine that it might be EXACTLY what you might expect: A bloody long bike ride.
Equipped with snacks, gatorade and a killer playlist, we made it in one piece and I actually enjoyed every moment of it.
Save for one minor slip where I just about flew over the handle bars it was all good... The scenery was amazing, and coming through the farms of Mission and the campgrounds into Harrison, there was something in the air that reminded me of childhood. Memories that somehow related to the smell of cow manure and wood burning on a campfire bubbled to the surface of my mind, and the time passed with ease.
5 hours turned out to not seem so long with three strong ladies by my side, and the feeling of accomplishment we got with every passing kilometer.
Thanks for the wicked day girls!!!!

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  1. You look fab Katie!! What an amazing feat!! Well done! xx Love you.