Saturday, July 31, 2010

Vancouver Lovin'

The more I think about the trip I have in front of me, the more I appreciate living in Vancouver. Lately I have endeavored to experience again all that has become familiar with a tourist’s eye, and it has made me even more grateful to live in this city.

To start, let’s just marvel at the view from Spanish Banks; it is truly unbelievable- I love how no matter where you go in Vancouver you can see where you came from. The fireworks display is a perfect example of this. Last week Troy and I watched from the Granville Street Bridge, and the week before I was lucky enough to catch the show from the roof top of a building in the West End. The view from both were completely different and both absolutely incredible! Imagine standing on a bridge with a beer and a bunch of strangers watching firey explosions in the distance. It was awesome!

I also recently, after 3 years of walking to work the exact same way, decided to take a different route, and during February had a view of the glowing Olympic Rings in Coal harbour every morning. In these early summer days I get to enjoy the light bouncing off the water and sometimes even watch a float plane take off or land.
Walking home from work or the gym has also become a lot more enjoyable since taking the time to look at my surroundings rather than put on my Ipod and zone out. I am amazed by the craziness of Granville Street during the day… The musical talent playing along there is genius and lately I taken advantage of the hot, dry nights to stop and admire the street performances. I have also made a point to veer from my standard Starbucks to try some of the independent coffee shops around the city- and have been pleasantly surprised. Both Mario’s Coffee on Howe and Dunsmuir and Cuckoo Coffee on Davie and Richards make a mean Americano that I can honestly say is better than my beloved Bucks (sorry!).
When you get used to something you really do forget how amazing it is. I cannot count the number of times I have done the Grouse Grind, and half the time coming down the gondola I am so relieved to be done that I really don’t take a moment to look out and enjoy the view, but it is extraordinary. It’s so easy to get complacent and forget about how lucky we are to live here- and it’s a good lesson and analogy for everyday life. When you get lazy in your relationships or friendships or job or whatever, try and go back to that first time you met your partner, or the time you missed your family because you were away, or remember the excitement you felt when you interviewed for the job you have now. So easy to forget about what we have and so important to stop and smell the roses (realllllly!!) to bring us back to a place of gratitude

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