Saturday, October 23, 2010

Life in Byron Bay

Our last days in Byron Bay were filled with lots of sunshine, lazy beach days, and dinners at our new favourite restaurant, Mokhas. With the torrential downpour behind us the “Dark Days of Byron” were officially over and we took full advantage by getting outside as often as possible. Troy and I had a run route that we did everyday around sunset from our hostel up to the lighthouse and back. Keeping up with the Ironman was a challenge, but nothing I couldn’t handle, and given that the view was so incredible at the top, it was well worth the sweat to get up there.
We met two guys at our hostel, Joel and Yann, during an afternoon of cards at the YHA picnic tables and went out to some of the Byron hotspots at night: The Beachside Hotel for live music and Coco Mangas for Jam Jars as well as a dangerously sticky dance floor.

Troy's favourite accessory ;) Cheeky Dalts...

Me and Yann at YHA

Joel, June, and Yann

Mokha (we ate here a lot)

Troy and the guys at the Beachside Hotel

Although Byron Bay wasn’t actually what I expected the water and beach definitely made up for the overpricing of… well, everything. My idea of a friendly hippie town and lazy living was way off, and I think we were all ready to leave by the time that day came.
That said lazing around for 8 days with the June Bug and Troy was pretty “awesome”… so I definitely can’t complain.

Soaking it up at Cozy Corner on Tallow Beach

Lots of surfers and HUGE waves

Run route...

View from halfway

At the Lighthouse

...Next stop Sydney!


  1. LOVE seeing all the pictures Kate. Did you surf?

  2. No... waves were too scary for me!!