Monday, October 25, 2010


When we first arrived in Sydney I was surprised by how great it felt to be back in a city. Our next hostel is basically at the train station, but really nice with tons of cool people from all over, including Barcelona, Germany, and Canada. A couple of nights ago we went to the backpacker bar down the street, Scubar… As per usual Troy and I were ready to party and so rounded up a group from our hostel and headed over the bar (we even got Ash to come!). Troy was the man of the hour when he started handing out shots and jugs of beer to all these young travelers… many of them were not in great shape the next day, but everyone had a great time.

We have also been responsible tourists and took the “Hop on Hop Off” bus all over the city to see the obligatory sights… Opera House, Bridge, Museum etc. A few of MANY pictures below.

YHA Railway

We really wanted to climb the bridge, but found out it was $200/person to do it... we did the $10 option instead and still got an amazing view.

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  1. Sydney does appear to look a lot like Vancouver......without the mountains of course.

    See you on Wednesday BG............Mx